US Real Estate Investments for Brits

US real estate for brits

Recent trends show that British citizens are increasingly looking at investing in overseas real estate, especially in the US. The US has a number of positive factors that make it an appealing destination for serious English investors. The common language, a market-friendly culture, and a lifestyle that doesn’t feel too far away from home are all reasons why America is the number one destination for British real estate investors.

In this article, we brief you on what makes the United States such an attractive place to invest in real estate, and how you can purchase a property quickly and easily. 

It is incredibly easy for British investors to buy property in America

It helps to know that the US property market is now more affordable, and sellers are eager to find serious overseas buyers. In addition, British citizens do not need a Green Card to buy real estate in the US. All that a prospective investor needs are an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number issued by the IRS. Most importantly, after the pandemic struck, home prices are surprisingly affordable in the States.

Let us take a look at some of the reasons why British investors should consider the American real estate market:

  • The pound is comparatively stronger than the dollar, and the sterling goes much farther than its American currency equivalent.
  • Lending institutions are more open to approving mortgages to British applicants, because of the familiarity with credit history technicalities
  • Transferring large sums of money to the US from the UK is not difficult, and there are multiple ways to do so
  • Getting an overseas mortgage in the US is easy, unlike in the EU or elsewhere in the world
  • The US has a stable economy and offers a high quality of living for British ex-pats

You may need professional assistance for applying for a mortgage in the US

Despite all the positive factors, real estate investors may face personal challenges that necessitate overseas mortgages. While it is comparatively easy to apply for a loan in the US, document processing and eligibility criteria can differ from what you are used to in the UK. In addition, a credit history check is compulsorily conducted by every bank, and insufficient evidence of finances can result in unnecessary delays.

Mortgage brokers are specialized in helping overseas real estate investors such as you to get loans needed to purchase homes in the US. As they also have insider information about the best mortgages available, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Here are some of the benefits of seeking the help of mortgage experts

  • You can avoid delays in the processing of your loan due to insufficient evidence
  • You gain access to insider information that helps you apply for the loan that is tailor-made for you
  • You do not have to wade through American bureaucracy all by yourself. Your mortgage broker will help you to a large extent in applying for a mortgage
  • You can improve your credit score if necessary, based on the guidance you receive
  • Discover hidden expenses such as taxes, insurance, and registration fees that you may otherwise find out much later

The US is consistently rated as a top destination for British real estate investors

There are a number of reasons why British investors find America attractive as a real estate destination. There are multiple types of property available, and they are relatively cheaper when compared with the UK. For English real estate investors, the US offers a high quality of living and a culture that is not too foreign. Most importantly, getting a loan and purchasing a property is all easy, if you seek the assistance of mortgage experts.

Professional assistance to invest in the US real estate market

America offers a much diverse and vibrant lifestyle that you may have ever imagined. If you are looking for a mortgage to invest in American real estate, help is available. To invest in your dream real estate in the US, all you need to do is to contact us. We specialize in assisting British real estate investors to apply for an overseas mortgage successfully. Thanks to our personalized guidance and application processing, your dream American home is closer to reality than you’ve ever imagined.

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