Israeli Resident: Your Investment in America Is Only a Mortgage Application Away

Thousands of Israeli citizens yearn to own their dream investment property in the US.

Our job is to make that dream come true. 

Making your American dream come true

If you’re wondering where you can get help to apply for a US mortgage as an Israeli resident, you’ve come to the right place. We offer advice and assistance in successfully getting a mortgage in the US. The process is simple and quick, as the American mortgage market is one of the most advanced in the world. Do bear in mind though, the usual mortgage terms range between 25 and 30 years. However, many lending institutions offer shorter terms starting from 10 years and above. As you can see, there are many differences between Israel and US mortgage products, and professional help is often required.

The process of applying for a US mortgage for Israeli citizens

The application process to get a home mortgage in the US is straightforward.

  • Find a buyer’s agent who specializes in helping foreigners purchase homes in America.
  • Zero in on a property you like, and negotiate the final price.
  • Make an initial goodwill deposit (also known as token advance in some places)
  • Sign your property purchase contract

There are a number of fees you will have to pay at this stage. These include stamps, taxes, property insurance, and other fees. By the time you sign the contract, you should have arranged your mortgage. If you have not, an overseas mortgage specialist can help you find the cheapest loan possible. Gaining access to the best rates on premium loan products helps you purchase better properties than you initially had planned to.

Mortgage brokers have access to insider information, and to contacts, so that you get the best rates possible. Most importantly, you can eliminate documentation hurdles. The last thing you want when you’re halfway through negotiations is to realize that your documents are not sufficient.

What can make or break a loan application

After all the dreaming, receiving news that your loan application has been accepted can be a magical experience. Two important factors decide the outcome of your US mortgage application:
A good credit score
A reliable source of income

Additional factors that may help

Your age. The sooner you apply, the easier it is to get a loan.

You own a property back in Israel

You have rented out your property in Israel

Seek help right from the outset, or at least now

The Israeli and American mortgage lenders operate vastly differently, though everything looks similar on the surface.

There are differences in terminologies used, the way regulations are implemented, and the manner in which credit history is evaluated.

The smartest move is to contact a mortgage broker who will help you in every step, right from searching for the best loan product to making sure that you achieve your home-buying goal.

What is best for me?

As a foreign national, you are likely to face certain hurdles when it comes to getting a US mortgage. Israeli citizens have the option of seeking a US mortgage, applying for a mortgage in Israel, or refinancing a property in Israel. It really depends on what is truly best considering your unique situation.

We help Israeli home buyers make the right decision based on a number of factors. We have a proven track record of helping Israeli citizens gain access to American mortgage market.

For a quick consultation and personalized advise, contact us today.