An appraisal is an expert opinion provided on the value of a business, collectible such as baseball cards or antiques, and property. Authorized appraisers such as appraisers in the world of real estate must have recognition from a regulatory body that covers their industry of expertise. Appraisals are used to determine the value of an item or property for taxation, and insurance purposes as well as to discover its fair market value.

Home appraisals are usually required by mortgage lenders before the purchase or refinance of a property. It assists lenders and buyers to avoid losses on a property. The appraisal is supposed to be unbiased. As such it can positively or negatively affect the sale of a property and its potential price.

A property appraisal determines a home’s value based on several different factors. This includes similar home sales in the area, as well as the condition of the home, its age, location, and other factors. The other factors can include the number of bathrooms, garages, and basements if applicable.

Insurance companies also require a home appraisal as a condition for home insurance policies. The appraisal helps create an inventory of the positions within the property and the home itself. It assists insurance companies in calculating compensation for the loss of property due to damages. The appraisal helps guarantee a quick settlement if a claim is issued.

It is important to note that there is a big difference between an appraisal and a home inspection. While the appraisal helps estimate a property’s value, an inspection identifies its condition and determines if there are any issues with the home.

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