US Mortgage for Israelis- Now Within Your Reach Thanks to US Mortgage

Dont wait forever for that dream property in the land of dreams. Allow us to help you get the best loan to make that purchase!

Let’s make your American dream home a tangible reality

How to apply for a US mortgage as Israeli citizens

US home loan application process is straightforward and quick.

  • Get your documents in Hebrew translated into English, and keep certified true copies ready
  • Locate a buyer’s agent who has experience helping Israelis purchase real estate in America
  • Identify locations that interest you in the US, and shortlist properties of your choice
  • Negotiate the final price with the sellers, and make sure your agent assists you in this matter
  • Pay a small token advance as a goodwill gesture to the seller, and confirm the deal
  • Make sure you have a loan available and sign the contract that confirms your purchase

Be ready to pay a litany of fees once you sign the contract. These range from minor stamp duties and property insurance to taxes and other fees. If you don’t have a loan available, speak to an overseas mortgage specialist like us. You will quickly gain insider access to the best loan products available for Israelis.

In addition, you will not have to worry about having to furnish elusive documents just when you are able to make the purchase. Mortgage brokers know exactly what documents each Israeli applicant needs to furnish to make their loan application stronger.

Factors that can have a decisive effect on your loan application

To receive sweet news that you’ve been sanctioned a US mortgage loan to buy property in America, there are certain determining factors:

A decent credit score

A verifiable source of income

Other factors may make your application stronger too

Your chronological age. Youngsters get loans easily

You own a premium property in Israel

You receive rental income on your property in Israel

Factors that cause delays and rejections

Being self-employed

Having a poor credit history

Being a tenant in Israel

A high proportion of debts vis-a-vis income

It is customary for lending institutions in the US to carry out a thorough credit history check before sanctioning loans. If you have a less-than impressive credit history, and a not-so-stellar income, do not worry. We can still help you make your loan application stronger so that you can be a proud homeowner in the US

Make your loan application process slick and smooth

Don’t grope in the dark

While American loan application process is straightforward, it is also time-consuming. Many applications are rejected because of insufficient documents and proofs. In other cases, loan applications often reach a deadlock due to unforeseen circumstances.

As we have years of experience helping our clients in Israel get loans in the US, we know what it takes to give you a fighting chance. We will bolster your application and guide you through the mortgage process so that you receive the loan assistance you need to invest in America.

For tailored advice and consultation, speak to us today.